The Maker


David Alumbaugh Photo


I've been making knives for as long as I can remember. When I was a "kid" I used to whittle knives out of wood. I was in my early 20's when a shooting friend, Eddie Wilson helped me to make my first knife from a file. I've been making them ever since. I started forging and making my Damascus about 16 years ago. There have been a number of people who help me get started in forging. Everything I make is a one of a kind. I like to use high carbon steel. I get it from a variety of places. The beauty of forging is taking what looks like "junk", welding it into a billet and once I start heating and hammering it transforms into a beautiful piece of steel. I use any number of things for handles. I use stag, hardwoods, or anything different.

The Forge

My shop is located in my garage near Friedens, Pennsylvania. I do attend some gun and knife shows to sell knives. Mostly I sell my knives right here at the shop. I've met a few folks at knife shows who later came to visit and see my forge. They always seem to buy more knives! I built my forge from some plans I got from a friend, Dave Weimer. I have two trip hammers. A 25lb Mayer Little Giant and a 50lb Mayer Little Giant. I hope you enjoy my website. Check back often as things will change. I don't always list everything I have. If you don't see anything you like send me an e-mail describing what you like. I can send photos of something you may like

The Forge