Curley Maiden


This sharp girl has a 9-3/4" overall length with a 5" blade.

Her handle is Curey Oak the blade as a twist or maiden hair pattern.

This knife includes a leather case.

Price:  $350.00

gallery/stag hunter i

Stag Hunter I


This Hunting knife has a 4-3/8" nickel damascus blade with nickel silver fittings and a stag handle.

This knife includes the pictured case.

Price:  $450.00

gallery/walnut dagger

Walnut Dagger


This dagger has an overall length of 14-1/2" with the blade measuring in at 9".

The handle is walnut with wrought iron fittings and guard. The damascus blade is wrought iron & 5160. 

It includes the walnut sheath shown in the picture.

Price:  $500.00

gallery/deer horn bowie

Deer Horn Bowie


This bowie has a 14-1/2" overall length.  The handle is from a deer horn and has a damascus guard.

The 9" blade is a Ladder Pattern damascus from 1080 - 5160 - and nickel.

Price:  $400.00   

gallery/stag long knife

Stag Long Knife


This knife has an overall length of 18"!!!!  The blade itself is all of 13" in length.  The damascus is L6-5160-Nickel.

The handle is stag with a damascus guard with some nice file work.

This knife does not include a case.

Price:  $575.00   

gallery/curly maiden
gallery/ivory hunter

Ivory Hunter


This knife has a ladder pattern damascus blade and an Ivory handle.  It has a 4-1/2" blade and the overall length is 6-1/4".

This knife includes the leather case shown.

Price:  $975.00




This knife has an overall length of 11-1/4".

The California-Buckeye handle is a beautiful hardwood with blue spacers and silver fittings.

It has a 9-1/4" blade and does not include a case.

Price:  $475.00  

Owl Hunter


4" Nickel Damscus Blade

Overall Length 8-1/4"


White Synthetic Bone handle with scrimshaw Owl by Christy Alwine


Price:  $400.00 with case

Eagle Hunter


3-3/4" Nickel Damscus Blade

Overall Length 8"


Giraffe Bone handle with scrimashaw Eagle by Christy Alwine


Price:  $450.00 with case.

Blue Hunter


4" Nickel Damascus Blade

Blue Diamondwood Handle

Price:  $300.00 with case

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